Faces of GSN

Brooke Mills

I grew up in Vegas and I come from a large family. My dad is a retired police officer, my mom was an accountant and my stepdad is currently a paramedic at the Nevada Test Site. I try to get him to tell me what goes on there, but to no avail!

Growing up I played baseball and soccer. I enjoy any and all competitive activities. After high school, I began college at the University of Nevada, Reno. Initially, I wanted to be a doctor and chose Biology as my major. I took all the prerequisites for sciences and eventually had to take genetics. I pretty quickly realized that I didn’t enjoy genetics. I decided after that semester, I was going to take a semester “off”. I took classes I thought I would enjoy (creative writing, yoga, and geology). I had always collected rocks as a child and my grandparents bought me books to read about the rocks I would find, so I figured I would take geology for fun. After taking intro to geology, I immediately knew that I would change my major to geology.

Once I changed my major, everything started falling into place and I actually enjoyed going to class. I found my peers to be wonderful people who would become lifelong friends. I was lucky enough to have most of my classes carry over, so my last 2 year consisted of mostly geology classes. The adventures that I have experienced since changing my major remind me every day that this is the industry I want to work in.

Field camp was one of my most memorable experiences. Molly and I decided it would be a good idea to share a tent for 6 weeks as we traveled around the western US being exposed to different facets of geology and field life. If you asked us today we would probably do it again, believe it or not. After field camp, the bonds we all formed together were unbreakable. Little did I know the industry and people I would find in it would be just as fun.

I started my senior year of college the summer after field camp. During my senior year I participated in the International Intercollegiate Mining Games in Australia. This allowed for a two week industry sponsored trip to visit mines in Australia and explore the country, in addition to a week-long competition in old style mining techniques. To make the trip even better, we won the International Collegiate Mining Games.

I graduated from Mackay in 2010 and started working for the Florida canyon mine a few days after graduation. I made the move to the bustling town of Mill City, NV in my new (to me) travel trailer. I worked all summer soil sampling, rock chip sampling, and mapping an exploration project. After the summer months on the exploration project, I sat an RC rig at Florida Canyon from October 2010 to March 2011. After Florida Canyon I worked for Rangefront Consulting for a few months staking claims, soil sampling, fencing off mine hazards, and rock chip sampling.

I was offered a job with Minefinders in Reno and worked there through the buyout by Pan American Silver and stayed on another year after that. I learned a lot about database compilation, GIS, and accounting. In June 2013 Pan American Silver closed their Reno exploration office. I then went to work for Corvus Gold at the North Bullfrog project orienting core. I stayed there for the seasonal position through Thanksgiving and looked for other opportunities during AEMA in 2013.

That’s when I met Angelo Karitsiotis, the Director of Business Development for Bureau Veritas Minerals. I have always been interested in the Geochemistry side of things after taking a course in college. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work for Bureau Veritas Minerals. I started working for BV Minerals in January 2014 and have worked my way into Business Development Manager for USA. I can truly say that my experience on both sides of the industry has allowed me to better understand what clients want and expect from an assay lab.

Aside from work, I found CrossFit in 2013. My love of competition has made this a perfect fit for me to live a healthy lifestyle and to push myself physically. I received my CrossFit Level 1 training certificate in 2016 and have been coaching at Regulus Strength and Conditioning for a little over a year. I also enjoy traveling and have visited Thailand, Spain, UK and Germany in the past few years. I am looking forward to seeing where the industry and my travels lead me over the next few years.