Faces of GSN

Carmen Arbizo (Published in October 2011 GSN Newsletter)

Inspectorate America Inc. and G.S.N. Membership Chair for 2011-2012
Inspectorate America Corporation.

I lived on working cattle ranches for years with my late husband and two children experiencing the wonderful outdoor life existing with wood stoves to cook on, washboards to do laundry, growing a garden for the vegetables and different critters trying to live amongst us in and outside of our home. I truly enjoyed the cowboy life that combined honesty, tough rewarding work and sleep filled nights. As the kids got older it was becoming harder to move from ranch to ranch so I hired on with a company as a secretary mostly due to my typing skills. Little did I realize the opportunities that would be forthcoming in the next twenty-five years that I have been employed by Inspectorate America Corporation.

With on the job training I was able to acquire valuable knowledge at copper smelters representing concentrates, precipitates, anodes, blister and scrap for an assortment of customers. My next experience was at SX-EW plants certifying LME and COMEX copper wire and cathodes as well as warehouse certifications for the same coast to coast. Ultimately I started working at precious metal refineries where I learned how Dore, dental scrap, jewelry, etc. was melted, sampled, poured into bars and watched the process of US mint gold being processed.

When asked to relocate to our corporate offices in Houston, Texas I was removed from field work and thrust into management class roles, internal auditing, trouble shooting for IAC locations in the U.S. and abroad, and special projects. After being seconded to the U.K. for just shy of a year on one of these special projects, news came that a new building was found to rebuild our analytical lab in Sparks, NV. The chief decided I should come out to Reno and monitor the budget for this huge undertaking. Throughout this venture I traveled back and forth between Reno and Houston for two years and this is when my interest in geology was initially sparked. Even though I am not a geologist, geology is tremendously fascinating to me.

On April 1, 2008 I relocated to Reno and currently hold the position of Business Development Manager for Inspectorate America Corporation’s Metals and Minerals Analytical Laboratory.

Upon my relocation I enthusiastically began getting involved in the Geological Society of Nevada. GSN field trips have primarily been the most enjoyable and greatest learning experiences for me. The location sites visited along with the participants on these trips have been entertaining and they have patiently educated me on different characteristics of geology. (Thank you to each and every one of you!) I have attended almost every meeting and was anxious to get involved with the organization. This year I became the Membership Chair for the GSN and it is the GSN goal to increase membership from the current 850 status to 1300 official members in 2012. The GSN has so much to offer in various ways to everyone within the industry, so current and non-members, let’s make this goal materialize!

Carmen Arbizo