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Dave Emmons (Published in November 2008 GSN Newsletter)

In 1974, Dave graduated with a BS in Geology from San Diego State University. Upon graduation he had received two job offers; one was for mud logging in Alaska for petroleum and the other was with Tenneco Minerals in Death Valley mining and exploring for borates. Dave accepted the job in Death Valley and with his wife, Denise, moved from San Diego to the Amargosa Valley north of Death Valley Junction. The work was a great way to get started in geology: logging drill cuttings and core, working in a mining and development setting, and geologic mapping. In 1975, Denise and Dave had their first child, Heather, born in Las Vegas. The borate work wrapped up in 1976.

The next opportunity was a brief stint as a mine geologist with Monsanto in Soda Springs, Idaho at the Henry phosphate mine. In 1977, Dave returned to Tenneco Minerals and moved to Tucson, Arizona.

Tenneco had set up a small group of geologists in Tucson to explore and evaluate several million acres of mineral fee land owned by the company in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Oregon. The position was a great opportunity to work in numerous geologic environments and to evaluate numerous minerals. The minerals included uranium, gold, silver, copper, gypsum, perlite and others. The evaluation of the Tucker Hill perlite deposit in Oregon eventually resulted in a new perlite mine. During the couples stay in Tucson, they welcomed two more children, Erik and Melissa.

In 1982, Tenneco acquired Houston Oil and Minerals and Dave was transferred to Denver. After the McCoy property came back to Tenneco in 1985, Dave had the very good fortune to be assigned the exploration of the claim block. Neil Muncaster was VP Exploration and Jeff Wilson was the Exploration Manager. This assignment led to the discovery of the Cove gold-silver mine in 1987. The discovery was basic exploration: stream sediment, soil, rock sampling, geologic mapping and drilling. Jeff Edwards worked with Dave on the exploration including the first drilling. Jeff deserves special credit for encouraging drilling deeper.

In late 1986 prior to Cove, Echo Bay Mines purchased Tenneco Minerals, which led to the family relocating from Denver to Reno in 1988. During this time with Echo Bay in Reno, Dave was involved with numerous projects throughout the Great Basin, A few of the more interesting projects included Ratto Canyon, Jessup and a final round of exploration at McCoy/Cove from (1988-1991). He also made some trips to Indonesia, the Philippines and Mexico. In 2002 he had a one year assignment at Gold Hill north of Round Mountain.

In 2003, Kinross Gold acquired Echo Bay. That year, Dave was sent to Refugio in Chile and then to Fairbanks for Kinross. After Alaska he settled in Washington at Kettle River doing exploration drilling for the Emanuel North deposit at the K2 mine in the Republic district.

In 2005, Dave took a brief hiatus from Kinross, however, he returned in August 2005 to take on the position as Chief Geologist at the Round Mountain mine (Round Mountain Gold Corp. / Kinross). It was an honor to be associated with the mine and the personnel. This September, he was transferred to Kinross' Reno office to work in exploration in North America.

Dave Emmons

Dave has been a member of GSN since the mid 1980s. He enjoys the monthly meetings, the friendship of other geologists and occasionally the opportunity to attend a GSN field trip. Also, Denise and Dave have two wonderful grandsons, Dakota and Dax.