Faces of GSN

Jerry Baughman, Reno, NV (Published in May 2010 GSN Newsletter)

Jerry Baughman started out life in western Montana and moved to Nevada at the age of 15. He always loved to explore the great outdoors and came inside only when it was time to eat. Montana was a great place to explore and by the time the Baughman family moved to Nevada, Jerry had explored every ditch, trail, and mountaintop within 15 miles of his home. This back-ground proved a great start to becoming an exploration geologist.

Before moving to Nevada, Jerry’s father had invested in a barite mine east of Northumberland, and also in a red beryl prospect located in the Wah Wah Range in SW Utah. Jerry’s first adventure in mining was visiting the barite operation at the age of 15, where he experienced a pit blast. While at the mine he met Russ Fields who was managing the project for Milchem. From the time he was 16 years old until he was 19, Jerry spent several weeks each summer mining red beryl’s in the Wah Wah Range. Jerry has had so many great experiences in the mining business, and looking back at his career, he is grateful that the Monitor Barite and red beryl projects were there in the beginning, to move him toward a career in geology.

Jerry graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B. Sc. in Geology in 1986. After graduating, he worked for several mineral exploration companies, spending so much time in northern Nevada that in the spring of 1990 he decided to move to Reno. While attending the GSN Symposium in May 1990, he met representatives of Cambior and within a couple of weeks he began to work for them.

Jerry’s next job was with Southwestern Gold, who had recently opened an office in Reno. After reviewing one of Jerry’s property submittals he was offered a staff position. That assignment lasted for several years, and he eventually became exploration manager for Nevada. In the spring of 1991 a submittal arrived from Peru and the entire staff except Jerry moved to Lima. During this time, Mr. Baughman continued to actively man the Nevada office, with little personal contact from the main office in Vancouver. Several months would pass without meeting anyone from Vancouver or Lima. Jerry continued sending monthly reports and looking at dozens of projects and submittals throughout Nevada. Even though the company’s emphasis was not on Nevada at that time, the CEO liked Nevada, so Jerry remained active.

While working for Southwestern, Jerry made a few field trips to Peru. During that time he spent several months in the Andes and was involved with a grass roots lead-zinc-silver discovery that advanced to pre-feasibility stage. While in Lima he met the love of his life, Fabiola, and they now have two wonderful children Jerry Jr. and Caroline.

After leaving Southwestern Gold, Jerry returned to prospecting in the winter of 1995. The first property he acquired was Regent, near Rawhide. This project energized Jerry because he was confident that Kennecott would mine the deposit after finishing operations at Rawhide. Kennecott was very aggressive at the time, drilling over 500 holes into the Regent deposit. When gold dropped to $250 an ounce in 2001 they decided to return the property. Still energized by Regent, and by strong annual Christmas tree sales in Las Vegas and farm sales in Oregon, Jerry continued leasing properties and prospecting during low metal prices.

In 2006 Jerry met the people of Gryphon Gold at the San Francisco Gold Show. The feasibility for Borealis was at that time not economical; so they were interested in acquiring Jerry’s Nevada Eagle Resources (NER) property portfolio to become an exploration company. Mr. Baughman sold NER to Gryphon in the summer of 2007. Jerry’s tenure at Gryphon Gold has been a great experience. Being a manager and a director, he learned how a small junior company works. Jerry really enjoyed the job and was grateful for this real life learning opportunity. He had a great time working with Steve Craig. Working and spending time with Steve was fulfilling, not only professionally but also at the personal level.

Fronteer Development Group recently purchased NER from Gryphon Gold. Mr. Baughman will be moving to Fronteer, to help manage the NER portfolio and help identify new opportunities in Nevada for Fronteer. Jerry is hopeful working for Fronteer will be another positive chapter in his life as a geologist.

Jerry Baughman