Faces of GSN

Kebrina Rosino, Reno Nevada (Published in the December, 2018 GSN Newsletter)

Firstly I would like to thank Laura Rudd and Molly Hunsaker for suggesting my name for December Faces. It is a real honor to be recognized and included with so many accomplished geologists. I was born and raised a desert rat in Las Vegas where my family has been since the 50’s. Thanks to my beautiful mother who strapped me into her bored out Land Cruiser at the age of two, the southern deserts became my playground. My first taste of geology came at the age of ten when mom took my brother and me out to dig for trilobites, it was in that moment the barren landscapes, mountains, playas, and waterholes came to life. I began mapping the desert, my favorite outcrops, and every trail we had ever been on. Rock climbing became a foremost passion, and there was never a bad time to hit the dirt in jeeps or on bikes to go digging for treasure.

About the time I finished high school, Las Vegas was entering one of its many transformations and I got caught up in the bright lights of big shows. So I entered the newly imported entertainment industry and went to work for Cirque Du Soleil, first as a rigger, then lighting, and ended up programming automated scenery. Pay was great and I took the offer to travel internationally on show tours. After 7 years I had had enough, and made the jump from “back stage carnie” to corporate America.

The boom was on. I worked my way up as a programmer with Las Vegas Reservations, a small 10 man company which grew to become Travelscape. The company had a second growth spurt and we became Expedia. We hit the big one when Microsoft bought us out. After a year I decided to sell shares and take a little sabbatical around the world.

Upon my return I found new interests in construction and development and went to work for Novus Vi a private civil engineering and consulting firm. I started work as a surveyor and worked my into project coordination. Working for Novus Vi brought 10 years of phenomenal experience and knowledge concerning industrial, commercial and high-end residential development. I enjoyed the challenge of balancing deadlines between the city, county, and utility companies; however deep down I was yearning to shed the heels for a hard hat and boots.

In 2014 I decided to go after a geology degree and landed at UNR. I suppose this is where the inner geek resurfaced within me and how I find myself the oddball on this list. UNR decided to create a degree with an emphasis in GIS and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. So I decided to take the GIS degree with the geology minor. What is the reasoning behind this crazy move? The toys! Technology has come a long way and this is an incredible time to play especially when Nasa/NSF grants are paving the way.

The first opportunity working with remote sensing data came in 2017. My research focused on subsidence in Arizona. A 2km fissure had ripped open in the earth. We don’t often get to see geology move this fast, terrible and fascinating at the same time. Working with Arizona Dept. of Water Resources (ADWR) and InSAR data my GIS/geology skills aided in producing predictive models for future earthen fissures and subsidence.

I am currently working under UNR research grants with the Walker Basin Conservancy and Nevada State Parks and Recreation Division. Through the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) aka drones I am providing data and analyses to aid in efforts assessing modified landscapes and natural resources for management initiatives along the East Walker River.

In addition to school and research I have worked with NBMG for the last 18months under the guidance of Charlotte Stock and Jennifer Vlcan to whom I owe my many accomplishments and successes. My experiences with the bureau and the amazing staff have provided the solid foundation I needed to continue forward in the field of geology for which I remain grateful.

After graduation in December 2018 I plan take a year or so to work, hopefully in the Reno area before continuing my education in a masters program. I have my eye on a few geology programs both in the U.S and in England.

I have made many friends and adopted family within NBMG and GSN during my time in Reno and I am looking forward to finally having time again for fishing, hunting, climbing, camping and sailing in this unique area with them all.

Kebrina Rosino