Faces of GSN

Linda Newman, Reno, Nevada (Published in August 2009 GSN Newsletter)

Geoscience & Map Librarian, Emerita
Mackay '86
A New Direction

Many of you may remember me over the past 28 years as the Mines Librarian in the Mines Library, basement of Getchell Library at the University of Nevada, Reno, and later as the Geosciences & Map Librarian in the DeLaMare Library in the renovated Mackay Mines Building. You or your company may have heard from me because, for many of those years, I solicited funds for the Mines Library Endowment, which have been used on behalf of many Mackay departments to acquire materials, print or electronic, for the library. I am proud to report that I personally raised over $130,000 for this fund.

I also served as the map librarian in charge of the largest map collection in Nevada, over 140,000 by last count. I was also responsible for acquiring maps and creating the Nevada in Maps website:, which contains scans of about 4,000 maps, including many significant geologic and mining maps on Nevada and the Sierra Nevada. Several announcements have been posted in the GSN Newsletter regarding these maps. This May, the Reno Historic Preservation Commission presented me with a plaque in City Hall for the site.

As a long-time member of GSN, I participated in the Symposium 2000 on the Publications Committee responsible for the printing of the multi-volume set. With the budget crisis in Nevada and the University system, I retired from UNR at the end of June 2009. I am very proud of the plaque `for service to Mackay’ which I received.

And now, A New Direction: with much encouragement from colleagues and contacts in the mining community, I am be-ginning a new phase, that of formally providing research service in the same fields I helped for the University and public: library research in geology, mining history, and geography. Often it was apparent to me that the public who came in really did not have time to research a particular area to its fullest extent in these fields, to locate all the relevant published materials. I assisted but it seemed that this was not always the most efficient use of their time. I also taught classes to do this research and, of course, am familiar with the resources. I now want to provide that same assistance to the public.

Linda Newman